Penny Auction Sites are NO DEAL

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I admit it, I want and iPad 2, but don’t want to pay $700 plus for it. Despite hearing the stories of peers who’ve paid more than list price to own Apple’s newest toy, I went online today thinking I would find a great deal. Really, I should have know better. Instead of finding an [...]

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How To Buy Everything for Less With Online Promotional Codes

We all love getting a great bargain, especially in this economy.  Shopping online provides the opportunity to compare services, products and prices all at your fingertips, and is an easy way to save money.  But if you are looking to cut costs further, the trick is all in the code – the promotional code that [...]

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Bonding over Beauty a Must Read

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Erika Katz’s book,  Bonding over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Beauty Guide to Foster Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust, is a MUST read for all moms with daughters between the ages of 9 and 18.  It  is one of  the most practical and enlightening books I have read on the subject. As the oldest of 5 sisters, and [...]

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Turning your Art and Crafts into Profit

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Snow Day Lessons

Snow days!!  Kids love them, but this morning when I heard  schools would be closed for the 4th day-in-a-row, I began to panic.  Oh no!    There are only so many crafts, books, movies, and  games that will keep a 6 and 9 year old brother (Jason) and sister (Jamie) busy enough that they forget to [...]

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Best Daily Deals

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I love saving money. With daily deal sites I can save 50%-80% off goods and services I use everyday. I purchased a month of personal training for $30 when the normal price was $230. Of course to make up for all the sweating, my husband and I celebrated by visiting our favorite restaurant with a [...]

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On the Wings of Self Esteem

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On the Wings of Self Esteem is a wonderful book for people who want to understand themselves and their children better.   In this thoughtful missive,  Dr. Louise Hart takes us through the steps of her metamorphosis  from suddenly single housewife to confident  author, and leading educator in the area of self-esteem development.  Her insights provide [...]

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GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Lately, I have really gotten into cloth diapering my little guy and I LOVE IT!!! The diapers are so cute, easy to use, and save so much money and waste! One of the latest and greatest diapers I have used is the GroVia AIO diaper from Wee Little Changes. GroVia Cloth All-In-Ones have a super [...]

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Green Pan—How eco is it?

Green pan is an eco-friendly cookware which eliminates the scare of causing harm to your family as well as the environment. A lot of green pan reviews talk about how eco are these. Let us see some of the facts now. There are many reasons to change to a green pan. First, green pans do [...]

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Protect your kids. Talk with them Today.

Danger, sickness and evil visited our neighborhood this week.  Two young sisters ages 8 and 10 were molested by a 43 year old deviant disguised as a family friend.  The danger in this case, as with 90% of all sexual assault cases involving minors, came from NOT a  from a stranger, but from an individual [...]

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