bellybuds: play music to the womb

by S. Warren


From the time our children are born, we play music to soothe, comfort, educate, and motivate. When they are babies we sing lullabies to help them go to sleep and when they are older we introduce them to songs to help them learn the basics of counting and colors. As they grow, we introduce them different kinds of music to snuggle to, dance to, and even study to.

Many people don’t realize that a child’s introduction to sound and rhythm begins long before he or she is born. At as early as sixteen weeks, a baby in the womb begins to hear the sounds of its mother’s heartbeat, the gurgle of her stomach, and even the soft tone of her voice as she sings a lullaby. Research indicates that it may even be possible that a child’s appreciation of music can begin in the womb.

In a perfect world, pregnant moms could go about their day singing show tunes to their bellies. Unfortunately, life is not a musical or an episode of Glee, so belting out a mashup version of Halo and Walking on Sunshine in the middle of the supermarket probably won’t get you a backup choir of cashiers and bag boys. It might just get you an invitation to leave.

Now with the introduction of bellybuds, your baby can enjoy the sounds of Beethoven, Bach, or the Beatles while you shop, work, exercise, and even while you sleep. Bellybuds are a unique pair of deceptively simple bellyphones that plug into any digital music player and gently adhere to mom’s growing belly. A special medical grade substance called hydrogel keeps bellybuds in place whether you are behind the desk or on the yoga mat. Not only is it safe for mom’s skin but it is also safe for baby’s developing ears. The maximum sound level from bellyphones is strong enough to penetrate the womb but lower than mom’s beating heart.

Pregnant woman holding exposed belly laughing

The ability to plug bellybuds into multi-use devices like iPods and iPhones allows smart moms and dads to think beyond the music. Use bellyphones to play recorded messages from Grandma and Grandpa, soothing audio poetry, or stories about how a cow goes “moo” and a pig goes “oink.” Baby can even enjoy sounds from nature like whale songs and ocean waves.

Convenient and stylish, Bellybuds are a unique and exciting shower gift for the mom-to-be. For more information, visit bellybuds online.

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The Best of Buffalo May 26, 2010 at 2:46 am

I do believe that the baby here any sounds coming from outside the womb. When my mother was pregnant she always sing the song “Right here waiting for you” by Richard Marx. When my little brother was born, he was 3 months then I heard humming that song. I could not believe. Belly Buds will be a big help for the mother since when the baby is musically enchanted they grow smart.

Matthew Severs June 28, 2010 at 7:09 pm

Looks pretty cool. They say if you play music to a baby in the womb it helps it’s intelligence. Behringer Mixer

Angela July 4, 2010 at 3:48 pm

This work! As I mentioned in my article posted here: The fetus will start responding to stimulation on 16 weeks onward.

I started giving my eldest daughter listening to music at 20 weeks onward… and today, she has been representing her class for singing competition for the past several years!

scholarships for nigeria March 1, 2012 at 1:49 am

This is really awesome, never heard of this before , i’ll make i get one for my wife.

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