Bodemi: Reading Kaboodle- A MomGadget Review

by Gayla Baer


I was surprised by how cute this really is when it is actually in your hands. By the looks of the picture it reminds me a children’s duffle bag, but when it arrives you can see it is not BULKY like I thought. Instead it is safely folded and buckled shut. Inside this small KaboodleKaboodle is a small, child-size pillow so your little one can lay on while reading their books.
It is so light and small it can go just about anywhere, so far it has went on car trips with us and in everyone’s bedrooms to be tested by the Little Princess, aka BabyGirl. The moment I received it, it was quickly put to use. “Mommy can I lay on it right here and read a book?” Right here, meaning in the living room and believe it or not the television actually went off and there she lay or sat reading a pile of books. Inside this back is also a hidden pocket so they can store their little books overnight. She says, “it is so Sissy and Bubby don’t read them before I do.” Shhhh!


Each child has tried this out, even SoccerBoy even though he stated he didn’t like the color (pink cammo) but that it was soft. He did ask me that maybe I could buy him the cammy one for Christmas. The Reading Kaboodle is available in 22 different patters/colors, so it can be for both girl or boy…or even baby.

I know some preschools do nap time, this would be a perfect napsack for your child to use. It’s easy to carry, buckles shut, has it’s own small pillow and hidden area for an extra book. Shhh, don’t tell the teacher though. Bodemi is also known for their Reading Kaboodle blanket, Bermuda shorts (too cute, reminds me of the Marines), Plushy Posh Blanket or their Holiday dresses.

This will definitely be an item I pack for our road trip next month, I figure she’ll be wanting to cuddle up to it in the car as a blanket or once at a hotel she’ll want to lay on it. Currently our Reading Kaboodle is laying on their window box, waiting for that next one to sit down and read. They’ve discovered their reading nook, now only if I could discover mine.

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Darknight October 20, 2007 at 12:24 pm

Hey, it really cute! I remember when I was a child my Mom bought a Rollable bed (Yes,it looks really similiar like this one) and really Love it :)

Karen March 8, 2009 at 12:09 am

I ordered the Reading Kaboodle and some dresses from Bodemi. The quality is fabulous!

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