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Greetings from Indiana – The home of The Indianapolis 500 – The Brickyard 400 – The Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Champions 2007!!!! – The Indiana Pacers and me, Gayla McCord Baer.

Let’s Connect – I love social networking!

Most interesting fact: In June 2008 my family suffered dearly in the Midwest floods. In the face of losing so much – I picked up a book and read. The end result and the answer to the question I’m asked most often is – Yes, I have been fortunate with my work online – and yes, I did sell a website for a lot of moneyRead the story – see the pictures.

My Work at Home History:

In July, 2000 I began working from home full time via the Internet and never looked back. It wasn’t until March, 2004 that I stumbled on blogging and became hooked on the concept. At first I found it a form of therapy in the absence of “human contact” from being a work at home mom. Quickly that therapy turned into seven blogs and then seven became 13 before I knew it – each one focusing on varied topics I am passionate about. Note: I am self diagnosed ADHD and without a doubt OCD.

When I read some of my favorite bloggers were forming a network – I knew someway, somehow – I wanted in! Never in a million years did I imagine I would become a Hollywood Gossip Columnist of sorts.

During my time with this major blog network, I blogged on a variety of topics including – Relationships and Dating – Parenting – Supernanny – Mental Health, Pets and more.

Being Mom:

The one aspect of my life that I find most rewarding and most challenging is being a mother to my twin boys, Trey and Dakota (Coty). They are 16-years-old.

Having been a single mother for much of their early years (their father isn’t in the picture), I can take a great deal of pride in knowing that I am the one person to credit for the wonderful young men they have grown to be and are still becoming.

Since my children were born, I have held few jobs – I’m a creature of habit and don’t adapt well to much change. The most important requirement to me was my children. I wanted to be the one to raise them, not some daycare or babysitter that had little interest in the adults they would grow to be.

Marketing and sales:

Being a Buyer for a Midwest convenience store chain was great. I learned so much about the marketing world and what sales tactics work and which ones made me cringe. The one thing that was sorely missing in that job was the time I wanted so much to spend with my kids. They were growing so fast and I was missing precious time that I would never get back.

Becoming a Work at Home Mom:

When my boys were starting Kindergarten, I realized I didn’t want to lose anymore time with them. I took a leap of faith and began working from home. I worked for a niche dating site for two years which spawned several other opportunities. However, I realized there were some aspects that were just not meshing with me, I dropped to my knees and prayed.

I consider myself to be a very spiritual person and rely heavily on my faith. God has not let me down, ever. Over the last three years, I taught myself web design and have learned so much from successful pioneers on the net. It’s through the lessons learned that I have been able to afford to be mom first. The one job I always dreamed of doing.

I am blessed in a way that I am able to afford a life that keeps me and the kiddos, happy, healthy, warm and full. And never in a million would I have dreamed I could make so much more money writing about things I enjoy rather then being dependent on someone else in a job I detested. I much more now then I did when I had a private office with my name bronzed on the door. Who knew?

It’s my greatest hope that I can help encourage anyone who needs that extra boost to take that leap of faith and begin writing. You don’t have to be a scholar to have something important to say or say something that others will want or care to read – I can teach you how! I will even set up your WordPress blog for free!

The internet has provided me a comfort zone in which I don’t have to alter who I am. I’m still painfully shy in public when faced with real people, however, through the internet, it’s easy to paint a portrait of assertiveness with colorful commanding words.

Lastly, I love parenthesis and hyphens. I write with them because I speak with them. Those who know me online say they could pick me out of any crowd because I type exactly as I speak.

The ONLY Prize I’ve Ever Won – I won rounds 1 and 2 on Everyday Hogwash Blog Contest which placed a cool $1,500 in my pocket with this little rant about my missing pop tart! I guess that makes me a prize winning author now – Kewl!

If you would like to connect with me elsewhere on the net – be sure to check out all the places I can be found socializing and networking

I love hearing from readers, fans and new friends – so please do drop me an email and let me get to know You!

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