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On the Wings of Self Esteem

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On the Wings of Self Esteem is a wonderful book for people who want to understand themselves and their children better.   In this thoughtful missive,  Dr. Louise Hart takes us through the steps of her metamorphosis  from suddenly single housewife to confident  author, and leading educator in the area of self-esteem development.  Her insights provide [...]

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Meaningful Mother’s Day Giveaways and Gifts

Do you remember what you received for Mother’s Day three, five or ten years ago?  I don’t.  I do, however, remember gifted moments.    Six years ago my, then three-year-old, daughter invited me to join her for tea on the isle of Calamaran along with her best invisible-sister, Henry, and their 11 husbands. When my [...]

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Mother & Daughter Table Topics Giveaway

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Table Topics for Mothers and Daughters is a clear plastic cube filled with 135 questions that are great conversation starters. A few questions are just for Mom, or just for girls but most will inspire answers from both generations. Sample questions are: When you brag about me what do you say? Who’s the first person [...]

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Messages4u…making the world a better place one note at a time

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When was the last time you sent someone an encouraging  note that wasn’t an email, text or instant message?   The newest communication gadgets give us the chance to share our thoughts and feelings in an instant.  But, just as quickly they tend to disappear. If you’d like to pass on a message that lasts longer [...]

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All I want for Easter is more Strawberries – $50 Giveaway

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Congratulations to Jammie Morey the Winner of the and HappyEasterStore Giveaway! The Easter Bunny visited our house early this year bringing a basket of the biggest, most delicious, ripe strawberries completely robed in decadent white, dark and milk chocolate.  As I write you now, my mouth is still celebrating this delivery of Shari’s Berries [...]

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Mom Products Giveaway (retail $300) for Momgadget Visitors

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Congratulations to Paige Chandler the winner of Momgadget’s Mom Products Mother’s Day Giveaway! We’ve had such a great response to all of our recent giveaways we wanted to give our special visitors another chance to win these beauty, fitness and mommy products.  On Mother’s Day we will select one winner who will receive all of [...]

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The Big Skinny – Wallet That Is

I’m not a big one for carrying a purse.  I have left them in restaurants and restrooms.  I never know what to do with them when grocery shopping, I mean do you carry it on your arm while trying to pick out meat?  Do you put it in the basket and hope no one walks [...]

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Embellish Creative Designs Review

If you are looking for a great gift for graduation, birthdays, or anniversaries or just looking to cherish your memories forever, check out Embellish Creative Designs. Embellish Creative Designs helps you rediscover photos stored in shoeboxes, buried in your email archives, stuck on your digital camera or forgotten on dusty negatives. They transform your precious [...]

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Shooshoos Baby Shoes Review

I love to accessorize my little dude! It was one of the things I looked forward to the most while pregnant! Everytime I went to the baby section in stores, I was looking at the little baby shoes – they are so cute! By now, I have learned that those cute accessories aren’t always so [...]

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My Pillow Pets Review

Do you ever lose your child in the mess of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals that are in their bed and around the house? Are you tired of having to carry around your child’s pillow and stuffed animals when traveling? Well, My Pillow Pets is here to save the day! Since 2003, My Pillow Pets [...]

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