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Penny Auction Sites are NO DEAL

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I admit it, I want and iPad 2, but don’t want to pay $700 plus for it. Despite hearing the stories of peers who’ve paid more than list price to own Apple’s newest toy, I went online today thinking I would find a great deal. Really, I should have know better. Instead of finding an [...]

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Turning your Art and Crafts into Profit

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GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Lately, I have really gotten into cloth diapering my little guy and I LOVE IT!!! The diapers are so cute, easy to use, and save so much money and waste! One of the latest and greatest diapers I have used is the GroVia AIO diaper from Wee Little Changes. GroVia Cloth All-In-Ones have a super [...]

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Gadget we’ve heard about Vue Personal Video Network

Momgadget loves gizmos and gadgets, but there’s never enough time to test them all.  But, in keeping with our commitment to let you know about the latest we’d like to share what we’re hearing about the Vue Personal Video Network.  When it comes to products that  make it easier to watch your kids, this sounds [...]

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PepperBlaster II

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We live in a world where bad things happen to good people. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right, but it is a fact of life. Whether you are jogging in your neighborhood, making your way to your car after a long day of work or shopping, or simply sitting on a park bench enjoying [...]

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Sesame Street Video USB Drives

As a preschooler, I was the target audience of a groundbreaking educational television show. In November of 1969, I sat down to watch a program that would become one of my fondest childhood memories: growing up on Sesame Street. Not literally, of course, but I spent so many years getting to know the beloved people [...]

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The bumGenius Elemental One-Size Diaper Review

Let me tell you about one of my favorite sites – Thanks Mama! They have everything you need as a mother and for your baby! I especially love that they carry my absolute favorite diaper – The bumGenius Elemental One-Size Diaper! Thanks Mama has cloth diapers, diaper covers, potty training pants and more from top [...]

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DishNetwork – A Customer Experience Tale Part 1

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No matter how much you like a product or service – one incident can ruin your loyalty and trust. I’ve been a customer of DishNetwork for over 5 years. In June when I moved to my new house, I brought Dish account with me and even upgraded to DVR with a new unit and have [...]

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Going Back to School With HP and Snapfish

With school starting you or the kids are going to be needing a laundry list of supplies. HP and Snapfish have the solution to help. With HP’s new Photosmart e-All-in-One printer the kids can print out their homework assignments and photos. They can also access new print apps including Crayola for coloring pages. This will [...]

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Deluxe Sidewinder: The Portable Bobbin Winder

How many times have you found yourself in mid-project only to have your bobbin thread run out without a spare ready to replace it? With the Deluxe SideWinder from Simplicity, gone are the days of un-threading and re-threading your sewing machine to fill a new bobbin. Wind as many bobbins as needed for your project [...]

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