Official Best of Fest: The Best Films You’ve Never Seen

by S. Warren


I love a good story! I also love when a good story is played out on the silver screen. It always amazes me when a talented group of actors, directors, and film editors can take a writer’s story and turn it into something visual without losing the writer’s message or the heart of the story. Too often, we see a preview of a film and think, “Hey! What a great story!” only to be disappointed by what Hollywood did to it. You get reeled in by box office results and over the top reviews only to discover you already saw the best 30 seconds of the film in the preview. For me, a good film should equal the satisfaction and enjoyment I get from a good book. Just like when I turn the pages of a novel, from the time I press play to the time the credits roll, I want to be entertained. I want a life changing experience.

They say that somewhere around the world a short film or movie is being made every 4 seconds. One would think that only the best of these films would make it to the theaters but unfortunately it is more about big money, big name actors, and big Hollywood productions. So how do we find the hidden gems among the thousands of films being made every year? Enter Official Best of Fest, a collection of films touted to be some of “the best films you’ve never seen.” Each year, the Best of Fest curators attend film festivals around the world to seek out the best of the best and to create the ultimate international collection of film gems.

sampler_gb-11-09I recently had the opportunity to review The Official Best of Fest Sampler, a two DVD box set of fourteen films gathered from the many collections they offer. Ranging from a two minute short to full length feature films, this collection offers almost seven hours of entertaining stories that will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even rejoice. I promise you, I am a tough critic and I’m not one to waste two hours of my life on a poorly made flick. I employ something I like to call The Fifteen Minute Rule. If the film doesn’t hook me within the first fifteen minutes, I shut it off. Granted the run time of a few of these films is much shorter than fifteen minutes but I was not disappointed by one of the films in this collection. Not once did I press the stop button on the remote.

From the heroic tale of a young boy who sets out bring his older brother home in Two Soldiers to the charming tale of a lonely woman who befriends a young writer in Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, these films offer a truly enjoyable experience. I laughed out loud with Full Disclosure and I cried for Celamy. There are films that capture your attention with twists and unique story lines and films that mesmerize with stunning animation.

At just $44.95 per collection, Official Best of Fest is an incredible value offering hours of entertainment and something for everyone. The films featured in Best of Fest collections are carefully categorized by genre and experience. In addition to collections like Award Winning Films that Inspire or Make You Laugh, Official Best of Fest offers collections about love, romance, and real people. Looking for a short collection specifically suited to your taste? Try Girls’ Night In or Fathers, Brothers and Sons. There are even collections for kids and dog lovers.

bestoffest_02_091125_350wNow I can’t promise you that you’ll love what I love. We all have different tastes in films. But with the Official Best of Fest guarantee, you can’t go wrong. If you don’t enjoy one of the films in a collection, Official Best of Fest will offer you a credit to stream another live film from their site. How can you lose? To view the collections and find out more about this amazing endeavor to turn the best films you’ve never seen into the best films you’ve ever seen, visit Official Best of Fest online. Enjoy!

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gelinlik June 25, 2010 at 12:52 pm

Official Best of Fest very nice fest thankyou

Tony from Chicago July 7, 2010 at 10:49 am

loved reading the beautifully written post about the festival , thx

Alex April 13, 2011 at 9:12 am

Best of Fest ….

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