Robeez Baby Shoes Review

by Marissa

robeez-shoesBaby shoes are very cute in the store, on the shelf, on another baby…and even in your hands as you are about to put them on your baby. However, it seems the minute they go on, you don’t get to even see how cute those shoes are because they are off again. At least this is the case with my little one. He has a special talent for taking both his socks and shoes off continuously throughout the day. It is like a little challenge for him and he succeeds well!

However, I am delighted to say I may have found the solution! I recently received a pair of Robeez shoes to review and try on my 6 month old boy. Robeez shoes are made to flex and bend with every step. They promote good balance and unrestricted growth, while protecting your little one’s little feet. They are made to  stay on (yeah!) with elasticized ankles to ensure a perfectly snug fit. robeez-shoes2

I received  the Robeez Soft Sole shoe to try out and loved it! My favorite part was the elasticized ankle. It made putting on the shoe less of a nightmare (putting ANYTHING on my little sqirmy one is usually always a nightmare no matter how good it is made!) because you just pulled the shoe apart and slipped it on! Easy as that! It also stayed on really well and didn’t just slip off like other shoes he has. Plus, there were no shoelaces to come undone or velcro to get stuck to everything! The soft, flexible leather was also very comfortable for him and conformed to his little feet. Sounds great, doesn’t it?!

Looking for a pair for your little one? Robeez shoes are availabe at select Stride Rite stores and online at Check them out for yourself if you have a squirmy, shoe-taker-offer at your house!

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