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Gadget we’ve heard about Vue Personal Video Network

Momgadget loves gizmos and gadgets, but there’s never enough time to test them all.  But, in keeping with our commitment to let you know about the latest we’d like to share what we’re hearing about the Vue Personal Video Network.  When it comes to products that  make it easier to watch your kids, this sounds [...]

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Belkin Flip Blade for Apple iPad and Mom?

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When the folks at Belkin sent me the F5L080tt Flip Blade to test with my iPad, I had no idea it would become my new best friend. Some iPad users marvel at the apps, the storage and the accessories. I, on the other see the iPad as a way to avoid sharing the remote control [...]

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Windows 7 Samsung Focus for Working Moms

I’m on vacation with the family in Branson, Mo and writing this review for from the Samsung Focus Windows Phone (AT&T). As I sit on my balcony overlooking the river, I am delighted with the light feel and quick response of this device. The user interface is intuitive and the phone comes out of [...]

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This Momma Loves Her new Kindle

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I love to read. I’m the child who read all 64 Nancy Drew books in one summer month while visiting grandma. I still bring at least 15 books with me for a 5 day vacation and my loving husband has learned to fall fast-asleep with all manner of book lights while I read for at [...]

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Toshiba & Graduation Go Together Like a Good Old PB&J

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago, awarded a Toshiba Laptop to a local girl who was attending and working her way through nursing school – In wrapping up the Toshiba Grads Campaign, we have had the pleasure of hand-selecting another recipient of our second Toshiba Laptop. This time we went to [...]

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