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I’m a Blogger Appreciation Contest Finalist

Tonight I received an email alerting me that I was among the finalists in the Blogger Appreciation Contest. Thanks to those who nominated me – I had no idea! I’m truly honored to be taking a seat among several blog authors I’ve come to admire over the years. Please help advance this contest by casting [...]

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Tonight’s Supernanny is Extra Special

Tonight’s episode of Supernanny is especially exciting because my co-blogger at, Kadi Prescott and her family will be the featured family. I’d like to invite everyone to a little live comment party I’ll be having on Supernanny Rules during the episode.  I’ll have a post created at that time just for discussion during the [...]

Read the full article → No Longer Allows Links to Non-Blogger Sites in Comments

First page rank drop Then the change in adsense ads and now… Blogger changed their blog comment forms, and the the new layout does not allow links to blogs outside the Blogger/Google account system. Maybe, just maybe they have a good reason for all they are doing, but it would be nice if they would [...]

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Blogger is a Training Camp for Blogging

While there are some Blogger blogs that are earning a nice chunk of change, I have to say from personal experience, Blogger provided me with a platform on which to learn – not earn. So if you’re blogging on Blogger and not earning, it’s most likely not the writer, but the platform. Blogger blogs are [...]

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The Evolution of ProBlogging

Recently the opportunity came up for me to write a post for one of my favorite blogging resources – Performancing. I’d love if some of you would pop over and check it out. It’s not so obvious just how much you sometimes evolve as a blogger and writer until you spill your heart into a [...]

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I Do Not Follow Comment Spam

Starting Today – I will continue to take part in the Do Follow Movement – but with much stricter moderation. If your comments look like spam, they will be marked as spam. If a reader wishes to participate in conversations and comments on MomGadget, they will be required to use their name, NOT keywords. If [...]

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Five Reasons To Blog

1. To make money 2. As a resume 3. To have a voice 4. To learn 5. To socialize Have you ever thought about your blog as being a resume? If you have any hopes of getting a writing gig with a network or as a contracted blogger, you need to begin to look at [...]

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How Yehuda Became a Professional Blogger

Yehuda from Israel shares an in depth look as to how he became a professional blogger. This is quite honestly, one of the best step-by-step inspirational posts I’ve read. From dreaming of becoming a professional blogger to realizing he had something to offer all the way down to carving out his own niche and a [...]

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The 4-Hour Workweek – My Thoughts

First off, I LOVE this book! While I may not be a large corporation that manufactures an actual product, there are a number of valuable tools and lessons that I’m able to utilize. There are so many things you can do to free up an amazing amount of time during your day – when you [...]

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Post Excerpts versus Full Posts

Daniel at Daily Blog Tips has brought up an interesting topic that has me pondering my own position on how my posts are displayed. Would search engines really penalize bloggers for full posts? I suppose it’s possible when you think about the post appearing in two places at once. One on the front page and [...]

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