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MomGadget Featured on Quasi Fictional – Fine Art of Blogging

I feel so honored to have joined ranks with some amazing bloggers on Quasi Fictional – Fine Art of Blogging Blogger Spotlight. Looking through the list of fellow bloggers that have been featured in this spotlight, I’m truly humbled. Be sure to check out some of the other amazing features while you’re there: Liz Strauss [...]

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The Youngest Pro Bloggers

Roberto Alamos posted an article that draws attention to five young bloggers. While the entry itself focuses on only five, it seems to have drawn quite a few others out in the comments. It’s simply amazing to find kids 13 to 17-years-old making thousands of dollars a month simply by using their brain and their [...]

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One Day of Silence – April 30

There just aren’t enough words — in my own lack of words in this horrible, tragic and sorrowful time — I will unite with fellow bloggers to show my own respect and love to those lost and who have lost. On April 30th 2007, the Blogosphere will hold a One-Day Blog Silence in honor towards [...]

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Even Uncle Sam Doesn’t Know What a Blog Is

I’m one of those procrastinaters who waited until the eleventh hour to get my taxes done. Uncle Sam is without a doubt, my least favorite relative and I dread visiting him every single year. Ok, back to my point… This year we had a new accountant take over our account so once again I was [...]

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Freelancing Journey is Holding a Writing Contest

Denise Grier at Freelancing Journey is holding a writing contest this month. In fact, you now have TWO things to look forward to on April 15th and I guarentee this one is much more fun! You see, turning 52 has sort of got her a bit down so this is her way of reaching out [...]

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It’s Like Crack for Bloggers

Once Char at Essential Keystrokes published her Essential Tools – Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei Style post that revealed the use of BlogDesk – I immediately downloaded the program and got to work test driving it. From the first post, I was absolutely hooked! The only possible comparison that would make sense or that readers could truly [...]

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Suggest a Link

Do you ever write something that you are so proud of and wish that more people could read it? Have you ever considered suggesting links to blogs or websites that might be interested in what you’ve written? You’d be surprised at the number of bloggers out there who would appreciate the suggestion — sometimes it’s [...]

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MomGadget – Featured Blogger

Each month on the MomGadget Blogger Forum, we try to shine a little light on bloggers who have really stood out with their writing and their sense of community by helping other bloggers. This months Featured Blogger is Randa Clay aka Pavaranda. Randa participates regularly on the forum and I’ve even noticed a few times [...]

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A New Way to Earn with eBay

There’s another tool on the block for bloggers looking to monetize their site – it’s called AuctionAds. Bloggers simply create an account, add descriptive tags, and place an embed code on their site. The AuctionAds widget will then show eBay auctions relevant to the tags. View a Demo here. According to what I’ve read, AuctionAds [...]

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