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It’s like wearing new blog shoes

There’s a certain blogger I’ve come to recognize and respect as the foremost authority on advertising when it comes to blogging. Recently I noticed a change to sidebars he is responsible for and like most other times, I clicked the links as if they were bread crumbs he’d left behind. You’ll notice in the sidebars [...]

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What’s your Google reputation saying about you?

At my sons wrestling match, I ran into a relative I’d not seen in ages. She and I hugged and exchanged pleasantries and the promise to stay in touch, but neither of us had pen and paper to jot down numbers or email addresses. What I said next blew the minds of a few people [...]

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First page rank drop Then the change in adsense ads and now… Blogger changed their blog comment forms, and the the new layout does not allow links to blogs outside the Blogger/Google account system. Maybe, just maybe they have a good reason for all they are doing, but it would be nice if they would [...]

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What’s Good for Google…

…as if the recent page rank drop wasn’t enough for web publishers, Google makes yet another move that has many associates scratching their heads. Without going in to great detail in hopes of keeping my blood pressure from spiking, I’ll let you hop over to Webby Thoughts to check out the latest tricks that are [...]

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Google Adsense for Search – What’s The Big Deal?

I keep getting the same optimization tip each month through Google Adsense as follows: Dear Publisher, Here is your optimization report for the month of October. After an automatic review of your sites, we think you might be able to improve your monetization using the following tips: Adsense for Search adds both functionality and revenue [...]

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MomGadget Mentions

I’m always so flattered and humbled when people draw my attention to mentions of MomGadget or my story. I’m not one of those people who freakishly Google my own name to see who is talking, so I do appreciate the little tap sometimes to point me in the direction of the people who are talking [...]

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Post Excerpts versus Full Posts

Daniel at Daily Blog Tips has brought up an interesting topic that has me pondering my own position on how my posts are displayed. Would search engines really penalize bloggers for full posts? I suppose it’s possible when you think about the post appearing in two places at once. One on the front page and [...]

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Did Yahoo buy Paypal?

Nah, doesn’t look that way — I was a bit surprised though, considering that Yahoo and Google rarely partner with any entity without owningthem. But here’s the scoop — if you are an affiliate with Yahoo Publisher Network you can now get paid via Paypal with only a minimum payment threshold of $50. I’m not [...]

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The Worlds Most Hated Blogger

Casey Serin discovered what I’ve known for quite some time — Blogging can be profitable, regardless of topic, period! Serin has turned outrage and annoyance of the thousands of people who visit his blog every day into a successful business. Casey estimates he was making up to $1,000 a month through Google ads alone and [...]

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The Bloggers Tool Belt

When it comes to blogging, every blogger will have their own list of “must have tools” they just couldn’t blog without. For me, those tools are: 1. Coffee – lots of it! 2. BlogDesk and Qumana – Both are blog editors. As you may already know, I have several blogs. Some on WordPress and some [...]

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