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What Kind of Tipper Are You?

While reading a great little tip that my friend Char is offering up as an alternative to placing Google Ads on the front page of a multi-topic blog, I decided to see what her readers were saying in response to this tip. One comment stood out and sent me into one of those deep thought [...]

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I’m Green with Envy

Wendy Piersall is in San Francisco rubbing elbows with some of the finest in blogging. Wendy was selected as the winner of one ticket to attend Elite Retreat. She’s already shared a fountain of information from her notes while she is away. I can hardly wait until she returns when she can really get down [...]

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MomGadget earns the S.O.B badge of achievement

Each week, Liz Strauss hand selects Successful and Outstanding Bloggers that have captured her attention and shares those bloggers/links with her audience. In her own words: They take the conversation to their readers, contribute great ideas, challenge us, make us better, and make our businesses stronger. This week, MomGadget has been honored with this recognition. [...]

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Protecting your identity

Am I just too trusting when it comes to disclosing my information to various websites? As an example: Affiliate sites always ask for your social security number and your date of birth. I’m affiliated with approximately 15 programs. Is there honestly that big of a risk of your identity being stolen from a source as [...]

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Junk Mail Fix

Sometimes there’s an article in a magazine that just makes signing up for a year SO worth it. In my most recent Woman’s Day – I read an article about fixing all that junk mail we all get and in my excitement, I just had to share it here: Did you know the average person [...]

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