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An historial myth about pretty girls BUSTED!

As many people know, I co-author a blog called Dating Dames with a girl named Sasha Manuel. While reading through her most recent posts this morning, I found myself practically needing stitches from laughing so hard at one. If you have the ability to watch video’s online and if you’re in the need of a [...]

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Money doesn’t grow on blog trees

Money doesn’t grow on blog trees. Money comes from the fruit those blog trees produce. Instead of me telling you where the money is to be found on the internet (which I have done before, but only a few heard what I was saying), I’m going to propose a bit of a project to get [...]

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Social Networking and Business

I’ll admit, I’m one that follows the pack and joins up on sites like LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve never really given much thought to how so many people are using it as a business or marketing tool. Rather than spend hours upon hours trying to figure it all out, [...]

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Ways to Make Money Online

One of my favorite daily reads is Before I click over to begin reading, I literally have to make sure all my obligations for the day are completed, because I just know I’ll end up spending a chunck of time absorbed in the knowledge Maki dishes up. I saw todays headline in my reader [...]

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How often do you Stumble?

I’ve not been overly active with StumbleUpon — at least as much as I would like. I’ve not been able to completely figure out the concept just yet. I do know that on occasion, I do see quite a spike in traffic on various blogs because of Stumblers. While reading tips from Neil Patel, an [...]

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PayPerPost – Too Turbulent for Me

I’m constantly reading about PayPerPost and how they’ve got this big announcement or they’ve just secured this deal or they’ve gone separate ways with that organization, etc. Perhaps it’s the cancer crab in me that likes things to be safe and secure. It just seems to me that if I were to rely on PayPerPost [...]

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Home Office Women features MomGadget and Moi

Doris of Home Office Women kindly asked if I would allow her to feature my “work at home” story – so if you’re interested in reading about where I really got started, check out the H.O.W Feature this week.  It really does take you ALL the way back – to 1999 in fact.

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Friday Link Love on Saturday Morning

I’m so lame! I got caught up in little tasks that spun out of control way into the night last night and completely overlooked my Friday Link Lovin. It’s so rainy and gloomy here in the Midwest but I’ll have no shortage of reading material this weekend. Thanks to Friday Link Love… In the spirit [...]

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