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Penny Auction Sites are NO DEAL

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I admit it, I want and iPad 2, but don’t want to pay $700 plus for it. Despite hearing the stories of peers who’ve paid more than list price to own Apple’s newest toy, I went online today thinking I would find a great deal. Really, I should have know better. Instead of finding an [...]

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Best Daily Deals

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I love saving money. With daily deal sites I can save 50%-80% off goods and services I use everyday. I purchased a month of personal training for $30 when the normal price was $230. Of course to make up for all the sweating, my husband and I celebrated by visiting our favorite restaurant with a [...]

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Have Your Child’s Artwork Bound in a Book

I have been struggling for years to put together a scrap book of art from my two boys’ elementary school years. They are now almost 14 and 16 and the drawings and art never made it out of the storage area! I went as far as buying the scrap books, but that’s where it ended.  [...]

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BlogHer Announces 2008 Conference Season

BlogHer, Inc., host of one of the top women’s online networks and the web’s number-one guide to blogs by women, has launched its 2008 conference web site. In addition to the site featuring information about all eight of BlogHer’s 2008 conferences, participants may register for the first two events of the year. BlogHer Business is [...]

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From The MomGadget Mailbox – MyThings Recall

MyThings Recall Alert is for parents who are worried about all the toys and child-related products from China this holiday season. Instead of wading through the Consumer Product Safety Commission site every day for new recalls or relying on local TV news, parents can list things (toys, child & baby products) they own on, [...]

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Google Has It In Mommy Blogs?

I have to be very honest when I say that I’ve never placed too much stock in Google on any website OR blog that I write – well, because it’s only the health related site/blog I have that generates much profit from Adsense – and to be quite frank, TLA and like services don’t venture [...]

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Decor Galore Sweepstakes

I don’t normally promote sweepstakes and contests too much, but this one really caught my eye and after checking out their site and feeling as though it’s legitimate, I thought it was worth passing on… The Decor Galore Sweepstakes on! One lucky grand prize winner will win a 50” Panasonic Plasma HD TV! We’re [...]

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Is HitTail Really That Hot?

What they tell me… HitTail reveals in real-time the least utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the Long Tail of my natural search results. These are suggestions that when used can boost the natural search results of my site. Hittail can help me focus and optimize my future posts since I’m already getting traffic for [...]

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So You Think You Can Dance Cybernetic-Style

Just a little something fun and innovative to help waste a bit of time in your day. Heineken wants to invite you to a dance party at When you get to the site, click on “hit the dance floor“. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a digital image of yourself so you can join [...]

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It’s 3:00 AM – Your eyes are heavy – You’ve spent hundreds – BUT WAIT… There’s More!

When I first began working from home, I spent hundreds of dollars on hard sell sites for those amazing packages that would teach me everything I needed to know to start making 10k in a month. Boy was I stupid! All I ever seemed to open was a package that told me how to sell [...]

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