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Snow Day Lessons

Snow days!!  Kids love them, but this morning when I heard  schools would be closed for the 4th day-in-a-row, I began to panic.  Oh no!    There are only so many crafts, books, movies, and  games that will keep a 6 and 9 year old brother (Jason) and sister (Jamie) busy enough that they forget to [...]

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Belkin Flip Blade for Apple iPad and Mom?

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When the folks at Belkin sent me the F5L080tt Flip Blade to test with my iPad, I had no idea it would become my new best friend. Some iPad users marvel at the apps, the storage and the accessories. I, on the other see the iPad as a way to avoid sharing the remote control [...]

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Invisible Fence Brand

invisible fence brand Technorati Tags: dog,invisible fence,training Have you ever had a dog that just wouldn’t stay home.  Perhaps you have a dog that just likes to chase everything that moves. I had a similar problem and after looking into a lot of different options, I choose the invisible fence brand. Not only do you [...]

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Nutrish Premium Dog Food by Rachael Ray

YUM-O for Rachael Ray’s newest venture into our kitchens!  Nutrish Dog Food is a great way to show your canine how much you care about their overall nutrition and well being.  Ray keeps it simple with natural and good-for-them ingredients like chicken and whole grains so you can feel good about what is going into [...]

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LiteRider Youth Booster Seat by Harmony Juvenile Products

When I told my second grader we were reviewing the LiteRider, a forward-facing booster seat for children 30-100 lbs by Harmony Juvenile Products,  she went a little crazy.  I didn’t get the “Mom, I’m way too old for a booster seat” nor did I get the “You must be kidding” look, she was excited to [...]

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Best Buy Helping the Digital Broadcast Transition

While shopping for electronics recently, my husband and I began to wonder what sort of support was being offered to those who’d be forced to make some sort of transition when analog makes it’s exit from television business and when digital broadcasting is the only option for television viewing. My answer came when I received [...]

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StrollAway – A MomGadget Review

One of the things people often fail to realize when planning for a baby is the amount of space all of juniors necessities will take up. Suddenly your home is filled with walkers, punkin seats, baby swings, changing tables, baby baths, bassinets, beds and strollers. Strollers are one of the most necessary gadgets for any [...]

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Is it crazy to dress up and really spoil pets?

I went shopping yesterday to gather up things to make puppy coming home more pleasant.  She’s definitely a foo-foo dog and more like a Christmas tree ornament then a dog anyway.  She’s SO tiny and will stay that way!  The image I’m showing her is from her breed, but not her.  Those pictures will be [...]

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Sometimes You Just Have to Whine

Please forgive and excuse me while I get this whine out of the way before I explode! They say bad things happen in 3′s. God I sure hope so! Most times I’m able to let things roll off my back, sink myself into my work and let the world pass me by. Not this week! [...]

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MomGadget Contest – New Mother’s Journals

One of my goals for 2008 is to get a little more organized and do more contests and prize giveaways on MomGadget as a way to reward loyal MomGadget readers and subscribers. Can you tell I’m still in the mode of playing Santa? Since this MomGadget resolution is in its infancy stage, I thought it [...]

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