The bumGenius Elemental One-Size Diaper Review

by Marissa

Let me tell you about one of my favorite sites – Thanks Mama! They have everything you need as a mother and for your baby! I especially love that they carry my absolute favorite diaper – The bumGenius Elemental One-Size Diaper!

Thanks Mama has cloth diapers, diaper covers, potty training pants and more from top brands like BumGenius, Fuzzi Bunz, Blue Penguin and Bummis. They carry a variety of cloth diaper styles and accessories like prefolds, pocket diapers, inserts, flushable and washable liners and swim diapers for when your baby hits the beach or pool!

Plus, they always offer Free Shipping on orders over $60!

Looking for organic, natural fibers next to your baby’s bottom? The bumGenius Elemental One-Size Diaper is just the one for you!

The bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diapers offer an industry first – tabs that stretch for a perfect fit. Stretchy tabs combined with their brand-new snap fasteners make cloth diapering easy. Their new “no-stuff” system available only in the bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diaper is an ideal solution for families with a child in day-care or family members resistant to cloth diapers! It really is as easy to use as a disposable diaper. Using the snaps on the front of the diaper, adjust the size if needed, put the diaper on your baby, wash, dry and re-use. No extra steps. No stuffing. No cover required. Their one-size diapers are designed to fit most babies weighing between 7 and 35 pounds.


•Absorbent layer integrated into the waterproof outer layer.

•One step cloth diaper – no stuffing!

•Now also available in snap closures! Two rows of snaps ensure a trim, bumGenius fit everytime!

•Ultra-absorbent, certified organic cotton inner.

•Gentle leg elastic contains the mess!

My Opinion

I absolutely love the bumGenius Elemental One-Size Diaper from Thanks Mama. I pretty much love everything about it! It is my number one favorite diaper ever!

I love that it is an all-in-one and I don’t have to mess with dirty inserts, trying to find the matching insert, and washing and rinsing it is so easy! It is so easy to use. Just put on and snap! Even my husband can do this one!

I also love the that it is one size. I can use this amazing diaper for all my children from birth to potty training! That makes me so happy!

Most of all, I love that it is organic! That is so important to me as I diaper my son! He has such sensitive skin and I want only safe fabric against his skin!

The only downfall is it takes a little longer to dry. However, I will sacrifice that for all the other great features it has! I just set it outside after washing it and by the end of the day it white and dry! I love the sun!

I recommend the bumGenius Elemental One-Size Diaper for everyone that cloth diapers! It is perfect for expert or beginner and I don’t think you will find a better cloth diaper out there!

Buy It: You can purchase the bumGenius Elemental One-size Diaper for $24.95 on the Thanks Mama website.

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Jim Hub September 11, 2010 at 10:32 am

I just had my first baby boy. me and my wife takes turn taking care of the baby and we love to read “how to” guides especially product reviews, thanks your recommendations on the “dipeys”.

Arda November 13, 2010 at 9:02 pm

I just had my first baby boy. me and my wife takes turn taking care of the baby and we love to read “how to” guides especially product reviews, thanks your recommendations on the “dipeys”.

Frugal Mom February 15, 2011 at 4:29 pm

We love the bumgenius diapers that we bought for our 5 children. We have save money in massive amounts using these diapers. They were seriously not as gross as I originally thought that they would be, and they washed very easily.

Whenever we got a very “bad” diaper, we would wash and allow the liner to dry outside in the sun. Usually that would take away any staining.

The only slight downside is the initial up front cost. However, if you add up the multitudes of expensive diapers that you would otherwise have to buy, you’ll see really quickly that they pay for themselves and will save you money.

Organic Baby Cecile March 10, 2011 at 5:29 am

Nice little diaper! Made from organic cotton, washable so that you can save money! great stuff for our babies’ little bottoms.


Vicki June 6, 2011 at 5:39 pm

Help! I just started using these and I can’t get the legs tight enough to hold in the poop! Any suggestions?

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